LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

led solar motion sensor light outdoors waterproof

Darkness, No More!

I searched around for a while and finally found a set of these 20 LED outdoor solar motion sensing lights on Amazon, the reviews were good and the price was right, so I bought myself a Christmas present!

Many of us have areas around our homes that are darker than we’d like them to be at night. Mine is on the north side of my garage, where my trash cans are and the walkway to my backyard gate is.  Over the years I’ve tried using the AC motion-sensing lights but they were not really close enough to completely light this area and they always seem to die.

These lights are a good size and sturdy.  They look good in the daytime, and do not detract from the house. They are pretty bright, but not extreme.  The instant motion is detected, the lights turn on automatically.  When the motion stops, the light stays on for approx 20 seconds.  There are no settings to adjust how long they stay on and there is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor.  However, the timing is great for my needs and the sensitivity is awesome.  They turn on as soon as I come near the corner of the building which is a good 10 ft. They have maintained their charge.

The biggest problem I had was the installation.  Not the physical aspect, but how should I attach them so they would be “adjustable” –  should the need arise.  I would need to get them to face South enough at this time of the year – December, so that the panel catches enough sun to stay charged.  If I angled them to face the sun now, will that be okay for June?

I posted how I handled that here… 

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