Backup Your Data

Backup your data regularly…. Over 140,000 hard drives crash every week!!!

You just never know. Your hard drive could fail at any time  – new or old.  You could get a virus, malware, or worse yet – Ransomware!!!

If you have children that you let use your computer and that could lead to problems. You need to have backup copies of your important business & personal documents, family pictures, videos and possibly even movies.

 Your personal data is irreplaceable!!!

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Yes, backing up your entire computer or laptop would be great, but let’s face it, it doesn’t get done.  Your data is the “most important” piece of property.  No matter what, your software will have to be installed anyway on either the new or reformatted hard drive, or a new computer should you go that route if your hard drive does fail or get corrupted.

  1. You can backup to a network attached server at work. They are backed up every night but not usually available when you are not onsite unless you can connect through VPN.
  2. You can backup to the cloud, which has become more available & affordable.  There are cost/size considerations, and you do need to be connected to have access.
  3. You can burn your data to a CD or DVD.  This is reliable, but the technology is limited in size per disc.
  4. You can backup to a flash drive (thumb drive)  They are very portable and affordable now with greatly increased capacities.  However their size does allow them to be easily misplaced.
  5. You can backup to an external USB hard drive.  Compared to a few years ago the prices are so low that cost should not be the reason you don’t have one.

External USB hard drives and Flash drives are currently the most popular choice for backup since usb connectivity has become so reliable and easy to connect & disconnect, with little need for worry.

Most all computers now have multiple ports available even after connecting the keyboard, mouse, cellphone adapter, etc.  Many drives also contain a small piece of software that you can use to select the files you want to backup, and some software will contain an automatic backup option as well. There are drives with a one-click option button in the front that you press and it begins an automatic backup.  You may or may not have a choice to select individual files with the automatic backup.  You can also choose to open the users folder and manually “Drag-n-Drop” whatever files and folders you want.  

External hard drives & flash drives can store a lot of information and are very lightweight and portable, but please keep in mind that they are not fireproof, waterproof, or theft proof.

Using file or drive encryption is very good protection of your data in case of loss or theft and definitely recommended.

I have used a Western Digital 500GB, and for the last 2 years I have been using a LaCie 2TB drive which works seamlessly. I do use multiple backup strategies.  I have Cloud, External USB Hard drives and Flash drives. The flash drives usually have duplicate selections of files that I take on trips and store new data to them when I am away, and copy to other backup areas when I return.

Here is a quick search for you to check prices and options…  

Please leave any comments or questions below.  I will be posting “How to” information on our Tips & Tricks page soon…

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