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If you don’t have one of these yet…  OMG Alexa is great.  I bought 6 Echo Dots last year, there was a special price on a 6 PK.  I gave 4 of them to my family as Christmas presents, but I had to have 2 for me 😉 .Echo dot, amazon, alexa

Setup is a breeze.  You don’t need a technical person to install it.  I have one in the bedroom and one in the great room.  It connects to your wireless network pretty much by its self.  If the power goes out it takes care of reconnecting without any interaction.

She can do so much. You can ask her what the weather is. Have her play music from whatever genre you like. Ask for specific albums, singers, groups or just one song and the response is fast.

Alexa can set timers, add meetings or events to your calendar and tell jokes. If you have Dish Network TV she can even change your stations!  There is a smartphone app that allows you  to customize some features and you can search for other “skills” that can be loaded, and there a lot to chose from.

The Echo Dot is very small and unobtrusive to the landscape but the speaker is pretty awesome.  It is not as large as the Echo and really sounds good on it’s own,  but you can easily add a bluetooth speaker.  As I mentioned, I have one in the great room and have no problem with Alexa hearing me in the kitchen, at normal voice levels, when I need a timer set while cooking.  When several people are talking and the TV is on, I was especially surprised that Alexa picks up requests without a problem.

Now there’s even calling & messaging. She is getting more and more capability all the time and you don’t have to run updates like a computer either. Amazon pushes the updates as necessary. I like that!  

check her out here  Echo Dot .





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